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On the homepage of coloring categories are randomly displayed in groups of four on top of the page. On the left side you can see how much coloring pages our site currently offers! When clicking on a coloring category you get all the coloring pages of the corresponding category. By clicking on all coloring pages you get an overview of all available categories.

In the middle of the homepage each day a different coloring pops up! The same goes for the colorings below which gets randomly selected every day. You will also find the most popular coloring pages shown in a horizontal list. Info for parents, the disclaimer and an overview of the site structure is found at the bottom right of the homepage.

Once you click any coloring page, you can move through all categories by using the arrows or by clicking on a page number. No idea what coloring page to choose from? No problem, at the top of the page you can click on the dices and the site makes the choice for you. Any category will be shown. To return to the homepage you can either simply click on the house icon or on the logo next to the big balloon.

When you have chosen your coloring category, the first thing you see is an introduction with some information about your favorite figure. You also shown how many coloringpages were found. Again you can scroll trough each coloring by using the arrows or numbers. Click on your favorite coloring page and keep your pencil at hand because coloring almost begins! To return to the category listing page, click on the circle with the arrow inside.

Your favorite coloring page is displayed. Now you only need to click on the printing icon and let the coloring begin! To the left the 2 previous and 2 following coloring pages of the selected category are shown. At the top of the page you can again choose to go back to the homepage, return to all coloring pages of your chosen character or randomly choose a new coloring page.

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