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Aladdin is a boy of the street living in a busy village together with his monkey Abu. When Princess Jasmine gets tired of her life in the palace, she decides to mix among the people. There she meets A...

Alfred Jodocus Kwak

Alfred Jodocus Kwak, often abbreviated Alfred J. Kwak is a little yellow duck who can't tolerate injustice. When he came into the world, his parents, brothers and sisters got hit by a car. The mo...

Alice In Wonderland

While Alice and her cat are playing under a tree, a talking rabbit suddenly rushes over. Alice is chasing the rabbit but it swiftly flies down a rabbit hole. Alice keeps chasing the rabbit and falls i...

Asterix And Obelix

Asterix and Obelix The most famous Gauls always having a sense of adventure. Asterix is a smart little guy and the hero of the story. Getafix the druid brews a potion for Asterix making him superstron...


Bambi is a small deer living in the great forest where a lot of other animals live. During his discovery he gets to know the rabbit Thumper and Miss Skunk with whom he has many adventures. But danger ...

Bert And Ernie

The best coloring page of the comic duo Bert and Ernie, two good friends who live together in an apartment in the famous Sesame Street. They regularly fight and like to tease eachother, but as good fr...

Bob The Builder

Have fun with the Bob the Builder coloring pages in high quality !

Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny is the famous rabbit from the cartoon series Looney Tunes and is the Warner Bros mascot.. With the exception of his white gloves Bugs never has clothes on. In almost every adventure Bugs Bu...


In the movie Cars, cars are more human than you might think. They breathe, feel and talk like grownups. When a car gets hungry, he drives to the nearest petrol station. For a new pair of shoes, there ...

Chip And Dale

Chip and Dale are 2 ground squirrels from the Disney family that you can easily distinguish from tree squirrels with their short tail. Chio is the craziest of the two and does a lot of talking. He has...


Have fun with the Christmas coloring pages in high quality !

Disney Universe

Experience the fun and adventure in one of Disney's latest games Disney Universe! As an adventurer you can put on the costumes of 40 classic Disney figures and go through challenges in numerous l...

Donald Duck

The famous Duck Donald Duck with his funny voice can speak like a human. His most famous features are sweet, naughty, curious and especially awkward. When he gets an important assignment it always goe...


Have fun with Dora coloring pages in high quality !


Dumbo is a small baby elephant that has huge ears. His ears ars so big all other elephants are watching him and only his mother has mercy on him. Dumbo has no one to fall back on, just Timmie the mous...


Happy Easter! The harsh winter is over and the sun is emerging. We are early April and spring has begun. It is a wonderful time, houses are decorated, everyone is socializing and the first bike rides ...


Have fun with our Olaf Frozen coloring pages in high quality !


If now one of the Disney characters excels in foolish and clumsy punches than it's Goofy! Awkward is his middle name, forgetful his third. Cleanliness and neatness are not reserved for goofy. Thi...


October 31, Halloween. Wizards, bats and mummies have left their shelter. Witches and ghosts come over. Our cottage is illuminated by pumpkins with a candle inside. Time for our best horror clothes to...

Hello Kitty

The best Hello Kitty coloring pages, the wildly popular white kitten with a bow in her ear. She comes from Japan and is actually called Haro Kiti. Hello Kitty is a cat with red bow and a white large h...


Have fun with the Jake and the Never Land Pirates in high quality !

Jungle Book

The Jungle Book tells the story of Mowgli the child that gets raised by wolves in the jungle. When one day the dangerous tiger Shere Khan returns to the jungle, Mowgli, gets his attention. He has a gr...

Lion King

The Lion King tells the story of the young cub Simba. Simba's father Mustafa is the king and lives on a rock together with all the other lions. His brother Scar is a nasty lion who wants his brot...

Little Red Riding Hood

Have fun with Little Red Riding Hood coloring pages in high quality !


Have fun with Lorax and the Lost Forest coloring pages in high quality !


The popular lion Alex, the hypochondriac giraffe Melman, Marty the zebra and hippo Gloria motherly lead a life of luxury in New York's Central Park Zoo. The four penguins Skipper, Private, Kowals...

Mario Bros

Mario Bros coloring pages, the biggestclassic video games were not allowed to be missing on the site! Mario the plumber must try to save the princess from the hands of King Koopa. Her Mushroom Kingdom...

Mickey Mouse

Have fun with Mickey Mouse coloring pages in high quality !

Monsters And Co

Have fun with Monster & Co coloring pages in high quality !

Ninja Turtles

Have fun with Ninja Turtles coloring pages in high quality !

Open Season

After headlong in love with Giselle, Elliot's road to the altar takes an unexpected turn when Mr. altar. Weenie is kidnapped by a group of pampered pets determined to return him to his owners. Bo...


Have fun with Pluto coloring pages in high quality !


The boy Ash gets for his tenth birthday gift a Pokémon! The incredible creatures that everyone gets in the class of Professor Oak. The professor gives Ash the choiceto pick one of the 3 Pokemon...


Have fun with Ratatouille coloring pages in high quality !

Rescue Rangers

Have fun with Rescue Rangers coloring pages in high quality !

Robin Hood

Have fun with Robin Hood coloring pages in high quality !

Santa Claus

Ho-ho-ho Merry Christmas! At the end of the year, the Santa Claus is leaving from the North Pole in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. His favorite reindeer is Rudolf, recognized by his red nose. Santa has ...

Sesame Street

Have fun with Sesame Street coloring pages in high quality !


Have fun with Shrek coloring pages in high quality !

Snow White

"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?" is one of the most famous sayings from fairyland. It is the spell that the queen, the wicked stepmother of Snow White, shouts in...


Have fun with Snowman coloring pages in high quality !


Have fun with Sonic coloring pages in high quality !

Sponge Bob

Have fun with Sponge Bob coloring pages in high quality !


The cold winter is gone, flowers and plants are enjoying the wonderful sunlight. The days are getting longer again and the animals in the forest are waking up. The warm weather makes the magical world...


Have fun with Summer coloring pages in high quality !

Tasmanian Devil

Have fun with Tasmanian Devil coloring pages in high quality !

The Rescuers

Penny is a missing orphan girl who is held captive by the evil Medusa and her husband. They want to use Penny to find a diamond, the Devil's eye, that is somewhere hidden in a pirate hole located...

The Smurfs

Everyone knows them, the nice and cute little creatures, the Smurfs! they live deep into the forest and lead a happy life in Smurfland as long as the terrible Gargamel leave them alone. Gargamel is an...

The Sword In The Stone

Have fun with The Sword In The Stone coloring pages in high quality !

The Three Little Pigs

The Wolf and the Three Little Pigs is a fairy tale dating back to the 18th century. The mother of the piglets wishes to build a house that is big and strong. But the three Little Pigs fight with eacho...

Tom And Jerry

Have fun with Tom and Jerry coloring pages in high quality !

Toy Story

Have fun with Toy Story coloring pages in high quality !


Have fun with Transformers coloring pages in high quality !


On February 14, Valentine's Day, everyone is back in love i Couples are showing their love and are giving extra attention to eachother. A nice valentine gift, dinner or a bouquet of red roses are...

Wall E

In the year 2815 there is no man on earth to be seen. Due to an over pollution mankind has retreated and fled on a large spaceship called the Axiom. There is no more to be found on earth, except for W...

Winnie The Pooh

Have fun with Winnie The Pooh coloring pages in high quality !


It is still dark and cold when we awake in our bed. Warm clothes and a thick winter coat are taken from the closet because it's cold, it's winter! The days went shorter, all the trees have l...

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