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Coloring information for parents

Many coloring page sites require payment before you can print a coloring unless with or without advertising. As for the quality of each drawing the parents usually get a magnified image with lose of quality. Technically it is a JPEG, GIF or different image format displayed on your screen. This is always done at a resolution of 72dpi. When printing, you need a lot more resolution, like 300dpi, to get the same image with the same size and where the quality is maintained. This is way is developed.

As a proud dad one day I wanted my 2 year old son to surprise with a print of his favorite television character. Suddenly I could quickly determine that it wasn't evident finding a picture of sufficient quality to make a nice print. Brainstorming around a new coloring site began. The site is seen as a challenge to expand my knowledge on web technology. The development was done in a server programming language combined with jQuery and CSS 2.0, taking into account search engine optimization and the quality output of each coloring. Afterwards the website was putted into a fun and family friendly theme. Hope you like it! is completely free in which you can freely print all coloring pages. Since there is an annual cost for the online site to hold, it is obliged to provide them with a bit of advertising. The aim is to avoid displaying ads which are objectionable for children. The position of an ad was determined so that it shouldn't be a disturbing factor while browsing the site.

Meanwhile the coloring website contains a wide selection of coloring pages of the most famous characters that are suitable for children aged 2-14 years. Links added to the site, will always refer to sites for the same audience.

Coloring is an enjoyable timespending for each child and also has an educational effect. During their childhood children are teached to correctly draw there experiences on paper. Children quickly identify an object, person or animal and everything around them is recognized much faster. For the parents this only has benefits. Children can engage in a long time coloring their favorite hero while mum and dad can watch over them from a distance.

Questions, comments or suggestion? Leave a message and you'll get a reply as soon as possible. I hope you'll have a lot of coloring fun!

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