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Lion King

Coloring pages Lion King

The Lion King tells the story of the young cub Simba. Simba's father Mustafa is the king and lives on a rock together with all the other lions. His brother Scar is a nasty lion who wants his brother rather see off as a king so he can rule over the kingdom. One day wildebeests and hyenas are crying to put Mustafa from his throne. Mustafa is thrown of a rock by Scar and dies. The debt will soon put on Simba so he's forced to flee. Simba flight to the tropical rainforest chased by hyenas and wildebeest. There he meets Timon, a meerkat who enjoys life, and the knot boar Pumba that rather suffer from flatulence. The death of his father makes Simba starting a new life in the tropical rainforest. Until one day he encounters Nala, Simba's best friend. Nala tells Simba about the terrible tyranny of Scar suffering all other animals. Simba his guilt makes him return to the king's rock and confront him with the killer of his father. Simba got into a fight with Scar and wins. He takes the place of his father as Lion King of the empire. Have fun with Lion King coloring pages in high quality !
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