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Hello Kitty

Coloring pages Hello Kitty

The best Hello Kitty coloring pages, the wildly popular white kitten with a bow in her ear. She comes from Japan and is actually called Haro Kiti. Hello Kitty is a cat with red bow and a white large head where no mouth is displayed. The kitten was very popular by the world famous series that begins with "Hello Kitty, sounds too wise. Hello Kitty Kitty's Paradise". Meanwhile, the kitten no country untouched and spreads like a plague across the world. There are few countries where Hello Kitty is not known. Together Hello Kitty experience fun adventures together with her ​​friends and family. She lives with her parents and twin sister Mimmy in London. Hello Kitty got her father's own kitten and called it Charmmy Kitty.Hello Kitty loves nature and animals and has many friends at school. Her hobbies are reading, traveling, listening to music, and eating delicious cookies. Her life is colorful and everyone is always cheerful. Meanwhile the merchandising of Hello Kitty is running in full swing and can't be ignored in many shops!
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