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Coloring pages Wall E

In the year 2815 there is no man on earth to be seen. Due to an over pollution mankind has retreated and fled on a large spaceship called the Axiom. There is no more to be found on earth, except for Wall-E. The lonely little robot that is busy cleaning the deserted planet. All other robots have already been lost but Wall-E knows how to repair himself. Wall-E can scale down large mountains of waste into small packets. In his house he collects the craziest stuff he found over the years. One day, EVE flies with a space probe to the Earth. It is a far more advanced robot than Wall-E examing the earth for a sign of life. When Wall-E sees her, he immediately fell in love and does everything to win her heart. He shows his gathered collection that includes a brown, worn shoe containing a living plant. EVE takes the plant and is picked up by the spaceship Axiom. Wall-E is left behind but his love makes him go after her! Have fun with Wall-E coloring pages in high quality !
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