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The Three Little Pigs

Coloring pages The Three Little Pigs

The Wolf and the Three Little Pigs is a fairy tale dating back to the 18th century. The mother of the piglets wishes to build a house that is big and strong. But the three Little Pigs fight with eachother starting them to build their own house. The first pig is the most lazy of three and builds his house with straw. The second sees the building of his house a little better and starts to build in wood. When the third pig begun its home, the other two are relaxing already. He's building his house in stone. He wants a big strong house but it takes a lot more work. Once all three houses are built, the big bad wolf suddenly comes along wanting to eat the pigs. First he goes to the pig with the straw house. The door was locked but the wolf blows as hard as he can and the straw house is blown away so he could easily eat the pig. Later in the day he wants to eat the second pig. Again the wolf smoothly blows the wooden house away. Once he arrives at the third house, it becomes a lot harder. He continues to blow with all his force but sees no other option than going through the chimney creep. But third pig thought on that. The wolf falls into a cauldron of boiling water and is itself eaten by the pig.
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