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The Smurfs

Coloring pages The Smurfs and Gargamel

Everyone knows them, the nice and cute little creatures, the Smurfs! they live deep into the forest and lead a happy life in Smurfland as long as the terrible Gargamel leave them alone. Gargamel is an evil wizard who lives with his cat Azraël a bit down the forest and commits his life working on the Smurfs to chase and harass them. When he tries to catch a Smurf to eat, the Smurfs can always escape from his grasp. A Smurf is easily recognized by his blue skin wearing a big white hat. Each Smurf has its own personality and can speak a funny Smurfs lingo. Their leader, Papa Smurf, is the wisest of all the Smurfs and can conjure. You can recognize him by his red hat with red pants and white beard. Have fun with Smurfs coloring pages in high quality !
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